Direct from the 70s, the capeline is the feminine and elegant hat par excellence, whose large brims are best able to protect you from the sun, rain or even snow. Discover our wide selection of felt capelines, perfect for spending winter in the warm, as well as our straw models for summer!

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The cape is a form of hat that has always been much appreciated by the female public, and a piece that is increasingly coming back to the forefront to offer you an eternally coquettish style spanning fashions and ages.

Women's Capeline : discover all our models to buy your next trendy hat

Whatever the season, the capeline hat is one of those must-have women's models that accompany you every day and sublimate your outfit. With its wide and narrow shapes and quality craftsmanship, you'll discover one of the most elegant fashion accessories to offer you effective protection without compromising on your style. Chapellerie Traclet has therefore selected the finest women's models to guarantee you a varied choice of products on the Capeline. Whether you're looking for a natural hat made from straw or a modern felt model, you'll find the women's Capeline of your dreams on our site!

Feminine elegance through the ages

Invented in the XIVᵉ century, the Capeline was then a straw hat for women, used exclusively by peasant women seeking effective protection from the sun. But with its wide rounded brims and natural textile, the Capeline eventually gained wider acceptance over the centuries and became a fashionable and elegant accessory essential to the feminine.


From the end of the XXᵉ century onwards, the women's Capeline gained further popularity with many of the glamorous muses of the 1960s and 1970s proudly sporting this trendy hat on the shores of beaches and in the streets of the capital. The manufacture of these headdresses then diversified with a variety of textiles that quickly found their way onto the shelves of fashion boutiques, alongside their more classic straw versions.

A comfortable shape for an always stylish look

La Chapellerie Traclet's many women's Capeline products come in a range of seasonal variations to add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. With a single, asymmetrical, double or cut brim, or a more or less rounded cap and a variety of fashion accessories (feathers, flowers, ribbons, etc.), you'll find the model that suits you and will make you look your best in just a few moments. You'll then enjoy a trendy, original look, as well as protection from the sun or wind depending on the model you choose.

The women's Capeline is therefore an iconic hat that bends to all your desires easily. So you can opt for a wool felt capeline for an understated, bohemian style, or a straw capeline for a natural, summery look, for example. In all cases, women's capellas can be reinvented for every occasion, with elaborate ceremonial models or more sober products for everyday wear. Whether it's a beach vacation, a reception, a wedding, or an effective everyday look, you'll benefit from fast delivery and a reasonable price to proudly display your new hat.

Quality brands for exceptional finishes

Made from natural materials or wrought fabrics, women's Capeline hats are effective protection that ensure real comfort while giving you an incomparable look. Chapellerie Traclet's selection also guarantees you brands renowned for the quality of their tailoring and finishing for an impeccable finish that meets all your expectations. Brixton, Fléchet, Seeberger, Traclet, Barigoules, Betmar, etc, you'll discover the leading millinery brands to vary your fashion accessories and flaunt your style all year round with elegance and originality.

What's more, our online boutique allows you to take advantage of fast delivery in 24 to 72 hours to wear your women's Capeline without waiting, so don't hesitate any longer and find the model of your dreams at the best price on Chapellerie Traclet!

The capeline the hat for all situations!

The capeline is one of the principal styles of women's hats, this shape has the advantage of being able to adapt to all situations and all styles. Whether on the beach or for a ceremony, it remains the retro, elegant accessory that's sure to make you stand out! These typically feminine headpieces are not only a elegant way to enhance an outfit all year round, but also provide effective protection from the sun's harmful rays thanks in particular to their wide brims.

At Chapellerie Traclet, we have the advantage of working with French or global manufacturers, depending on the raw material. The capelines are available on our premises or made to order, enabling us to offer you a wide selection of this currently popular hat shape. If you're having trouble choosing from our selection of capelines, we've provided a filter for you to select material, size, brand as well as price.

One shape for many styles

No matter what your tastes and styles, the capeline is available in a multitude of possibilities to suit as many people as possible. Rather looking for a classic capeline, an original capeline, in noble materials... You should find what you're looking for among our wide selection of women's hats.

A capeline in white, red, burgundy, black, fuchsia, navy blue... you're sure to find the capeline you need! all that's left to do is drop it in your basket...

Don't forget that we deliver anywhere in metropolitan France and worldwide!

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